Welcome to College Town: your new home for everything.

College Town is an exciting new mixed-use, close-knit district providing the Rochester community, University of Rochester and University of Rochester Medical Center students, faculty and staff a one-of-a-kind, vibrant place to live, learn, dine, shop, work and play. When College Town celebrates its grand opening in Fall of 2014, it will feature a 20,000 sq ft Constantinos Market, a two level Barnes and Noble university/community bookstore, a 136 room Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, 50,000 sq ft of new class A office space, 150 new high end apartment units, and numerous new shops and restaurants to meet every taste and style. Developed by Fairmount Properties and Gilbane Development Company.

College Town will be Rochester, New York’s finest pedestrian scaled district, blending shopping, dining, working, hospitality and upscale living within an engaging 24/7 environment. Strategically located at the intersection of Mount Hope and Elmwood Avenue, College Town is perfectly positioned to bring Rochester’s booming higher education and medical community together with a 5 county population of over 1 million people to enjoy many new-to market retail and restaurant options, as well as family oriented and other programming for gathering and recreating.

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barnes & noble grand opening at college town!

The new, 20,000 SF Barnes & Noble bookstore is now open for business at College Town. The new bookstore includes books, magazines, textbooks and sportswear and caters to both University of Rochester students and local residents. This is the first of several grand openings that College Town will be having for many of it’s new tenants in the next several months and during the upcoming Spring 2015 season.

Barnes & Noble Now Open at College Town!


College Town Tenants

The following location map shows tenants and how College Town will evolve in the next several months.

Contact and Leasing Information

For retail leasing information, please call 216-514-8700, ext. 127.

For information on apartment leasing, please visit our Live page – be sure to add your name to contact list to receive the latest notifications and future updates!